Magnesium Flakes 8.8oz Trial Size

Magnesium Flakes 8.8oz Trial Size


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Elektra Magnesium Products™
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Magnesium has so many therapeutic benefits yet most of us do not get the daily recommended amount.

Magnesium Flakes 250g Trial Size

Hexahydrate 98% MgCl2.6H20 (min 46% MgCl2)

  • Food-grade quality magnesium chloride salt with sea trace minerals
  • Naturally evaporated from salt water located 3,200m above sea level in the Tibetan Plateau
  • No sodium
  • Laboratory tested – No mercury or lead
  • Contain over 15% elemental magnesium ions

1kg bag of flakes = approx 156 grams of elemental magnesium, ie. 156mg elemental magnesium per one gram of flakes.

Flakes will draw moisture if exposed to air for too long. Keep air tight.


  • BATH: 2 cups per bath.
  • FOOTSOAK: 1 dessertspoon in half bucket hot water.
  • MASSAGE or COMPRESS: 50g or 60g per 100ml water (adjust lower for sensitive skin). You can also apply additional plant oil to massage. With direct application to skin in massage or compress you may experience temporary tingling sensation. The solution may be diluted further if required.  As magnesium cellular stores are replenished the tingling sensation dissipates.
  • MOUTHWASH: 1 teaspoon per 250-350ml purified water. Store solution away from daylight. This dilution can also be used as an eye make up remover with application to cotton applicator.
  • MINERAL WATER: To restore minerals in drinking water after distillation, reverse osmosis filtering, or in rain water, add about 5 flakes (small pinch) in 1.25 litres water.

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